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Without the right expertise supporting your business, how can you ensure you are dealing with the risk, compliance and commercial aspects of your waste management as effectively as possible?

With consultancy services from SoilEx, you can save time, money, and reduce risk on your next construction project.

Trust in our knowledge to manage your waste more effectively

Investing in expertise is key to any successful business. However, often contractors rely on their waste carriers to interpret and classify waste data. At SoilEx, our focus is different. We support our clients from tender stage through to project completion, identifying where there are unknowns, where there is risk and where and how cost savings can be made, allowing them to make informed decisions throughout the process.

Reduce risk at the bid stage – and deliver more value to your clients

As waste management consultants, our expertise is our greatest asset. This accrued waste classification, legislation and commercial knowledge can make or break a contract bid. Whether you want to accurately assess risk with real-world evidence, or suggest new ways to manage the project’s waste and save money, we will help your bid stand out.

How SoilEx waste management consultancy can help your business

At SoilEx, we offer a full-service waste management solution, meaning we can help in ways others can’t. Here are just a few of the end-to-end waste management services we can provide:

  • Soil testing and reporting
  • Waste classification
  • Recommendations on waste legislation and guidance
  • Compliance and duty-of-care considerations
  • Remediation, re-use, treatment, and disposal
  • Permitting and exemptions
  • Materials Management Plans (MMP) under the CL:AIRES DoWCoP scheme

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The SoilEx approach to waste management

If you’re looking for a partner who can support your business with all aspects of your waste management, who has both technical and commercial expertise, and whose focus is on identifying savings and can deliver the services to realise them, it has to be SoilEx.

Contact SoilEx today and discover better waste management solutions.

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