Soil testing services for the construction industry

We partner with clients across the UK to provide cost-effective soil testing strategies combined with industry-leading waste management expertise, optimising your projects budget alongside ensuring legal compliance

Our specialised soil testing solutions

Having already helped many national contractors, we review existing information and propose a sampling strategy that meets current guidelines, satisfying the waste acceptance procedures of any disposal facility operator and identifies potential cost saving opportunities wherever possible (Read our case studies here)

Services we offer:
  • Site Investigation Read moreless
    We provide testing and waste classification forming a supplementary but essential part of your site investigation report. SoilEx will propose sampling frequencies and ensure the sampling of relevant areas of your site. We will complete invasive investigations if required (excavation of test pits) and prepare samples for WAC leachate analysis for landfill suitability, waste classification analysis for onward disposal and human health testing (if appropriate)

    All testing is completed by a UKAS accredited lab that specialises in environmental analysis.

    Not only will SoilEx ensure you are compliant, but we have saved clients thousands through planned and considered testing.

  • Off-site Analysis Read moreless
    Our team samples your excavated waste on-site in line with our proposed strategy and then submits them to a UKAS-accredited laboratory for the appropriate analysis for you. Once the SoilEx team receives the results, we deliver them to you in a clear and concise report. We then engage with our clients to support them through the entire waste management process.
  • On-site rapid measure technology (RMT) Read moreless
    Rapid Measure Technology (RMT) brings the testing process on-site. RMT allows us to test for hydrocarbons, coal tar and heavy metals in real time to ‘chase’ contaminated hot spots on-site and remove ONLY contaminated soils, with no delay in results. Segregating contamination hotspots becomes instant, significantly reducing volumes of hazardous waste that needs to leave the site, and significantly reducing costs in the process. Rapid measure technology is endorsed by the Environment Agency to improve compliance processes and is a real game-changer in the classification and management of waste on contaminated sites.

Testing for construction waste

Accurately classifying wastes generated from construction activities is a legal obligation for any contractor. Often the data from initial site investigations aren’t sufficient in frequency or detail or doesn’t exist at all.

If you’re looking for a waste management partner that not only knows how to accurately classify your waste but can support you in identifying cost savings, reducing waste volumes, and reducing your commercial and compliance risks, it all begins with soil testing from SoilEx.

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Why choose SoilEx for your soil testing?

Soil testing for construction waste is a necessity – especially on contaminated brownfield sites. So why choose SoilEx?

  • Flexible testing solutions – SoilEx provive the correct testing to manage your waste legally and cost effectively.
  • Analyse, classify & Interpret – We provide detailed and understandable reports for the classification of your waste.
  • Time-efficient – SoilEx will help you fulfil your legal obligation to classify and manage your waste in a totally hands-off way.
  • Industry-leading knowledge – We understand the complete construction supply chain inside-out, from on-site soil testing to removal and onward waste management.
  • We don’t just test. We don’t just classify. We don’t just report. SoilEx offer a complete end-to-end waste management solution to make your job easier, save you money and reduce risk.

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